About us

Who are we?

  • Brett Property Group operates within 3 companies – (Brett property developments ltd, Brett property lettings ltd and formations llp no 266).
  • We have been operating since 2010, in all areas of property. We have a long history of successful development projects including new build houses and development of large blocks of flats etc. We have done over 50 renovations including, grade listed buildings, commercial to residential projects and countless large extensions and full refurbs.
  • After 6 years of renovations and development we moved into property investment. Where we have built up a residential investment portfolio of over £10million.
  • We specialize in hmo’s in Swindon and Reading.

Investments we sell

  • We design, build and sell purpose built high cash-flowing properties for investors.
  • Being both  investors and landlords ourselves we noticed a gap in the market for high end fully let professional hmos ready for investors.
  • Our properties suit an investor who doesn’t want the stress, time and money spent on a full renovation. They want a high cashflowing hands off property from day 1 of completion of sale.
  • With our 15 years experience of renovating, developing and investing- we use all our exspertise to build HMO’s with not only the best functional design for the tenants, but also a design and materials used that are sustainable to provide a maintenance free and hands off investment built to last.
  • With our experience we pick houses, locations and areas very strategically backed by our data to make sure the longterm future of the property is secure. This ensures keeping the occupancy full throughout its lifetime with  professional tenants whist maintaining high yields.